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Operation: Firewatch

Algol 5.20.1520
The heroes of the Rimfire embark on a journey to hunt down the genocidal Dremmond as he makes his way to the edge of the solar system. In Dremmond’s wake lie the ashes of the UAA, Algol’s first attempt to unite under a common goal of mutual defense and cooperation.

Algol 4.21.1521
Almost a year after their departure a massive burst of radiation is recorded at the outer edge of the solar system; preceding it a message from Larani Kynis leader of Fireflight. She calls for unity on the planet of Algol, but the message is garbled by the distance. No one knows if Fireflight and the Rimfire will be coming back and in the meantime the call for unity goes unheeded.

Led by Lord Falmak Kynis a coalition of warlords in Karga rise up to rebel against Emperor Korax
Across the Archipelago in Elara Queen Ymri fights a cold civil war as Delaney and his allies try to wrest the throne of Elara away from her before the birth of her child.
And as the two great nations of Algol begin to fracture, the secretive society of Muria remains behind it’s force field….watching.

In light of this Shion Uzuki, the daughter of Dr. Citan Uzuki sneaks out of Muria with a mission to keep Algol from burning in the flames of it’s own passions. She acquires a state of the art vessel the Scinfaxi and a loyal crew along with four very special young pilots.
After obtaining four of the last ExSentinels on the planet she names the group FIREWATCH.

These are the stories of those who would keep the flame of hope alight….
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