Milia Savros Karst

Callsign: Fox


milia.jpg Daily Attire

milia4.jpg Club Wear

milia3.jpg Formal Wear

milia2.jpg Combat Ready



High Noble
Parents died in war
Family status is good
Older brother dead
Older brother dead
Older brother living – hates me
Younger sister dead
Younger sister dead
Younger sister Jayla – worships me

2 childhood friends
male grew up with her
female partner

no enemy

no love interests

Psi School 1

Psi School 2
Short term affair, died in tragic accident

One of her siblings died, it was her fault

Mecha Jock
Contract – Mecha

Vailith was sent to recover her to bring her back to Muria before the shield went up, but ‘missed’ her.

Milia Savros Karst

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